A Planet Full Of Plastic by Neal Layton

The Blurb Everything is made of stuff. Some things are made of paper, like this book. And some things are made of PLASTIC. If you look around you, plastic is everywhere. Even in places where it’s not meant to be. If it drops to the ground, it doesn’t rot away – it sticks around for … Continue reading A Planet Full Of Plastic by Neal Layton

Are You Happy?

So I tweeted this, deliberately late at night, thinking it would fly under the radar and disappear. It didn't, and to be honest I'm massively overwhelmed by the response. The outpouring of kindness and support has had me in tears, and I cannot put into words how comforting it is to know that there is … Continue reading Are You Happy?

#ReadForEmpathy by Corrinne Averiss

It’s my stop on the #ReadForEmpathy Blog Tour, and it’s my pleasure to welcome Corrinne Averiss, author of Joy, to discuss why empathy is such an important life skill, and how we can help foster it’s development in our children. The promotion of empathy has been a huge driver for me over the last few years - … Continue reading #ReadForEmpathy by Corrinne Averiss