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An Interview With… Lucy Strange

Our Castle By The Sea by Lucy Strange

EmpathyLab Announces 2019 Read For Empathy Guides


Celebrating Young Girls Who Are Changing The World By Laura Wood

Vote For Effie by Laura Wood

National Non-Fiction November: The FCBG Blog Tour

Plantopedia: A Celebration Of Nature’s Greatest Show-Offs by Adrienne Barman

Chef Academy by Steve Martin, illustrated by Hannah Bone


Where Do Ideas Come From? by Virginia Clay

Warrior Boy by Virginia Clay


Blood, Sweat and Tyres by Ellen Renner

Storm Witch by Ellen Renner


The Stig Plays A Dangerous Game by Jon Clayton and Tim Lawler


Tips For Using The Great Sea Dragon Discovery In The Classroom By Pippa Goodheart

The Great Sea Dragon Discovery by Pippa Goodheart


An Interview With Mitch Johnson

Kick by Mitch Johnson


Characters Who Pray by Anne Booth

Across The Divide by Anne Booth


Double Felix by Sally Harris, illustrated by Maria Serrano


Building blocks, books, bathrooms and bears – Putting Empathy Centre Stage by Maria Farrer


Me And Mister P: Ruby’s Star by Maria Farrer, illustrated by Daniel Rieley



Curse Of The Nomed by B.B. Taylor, illustrated by Holly Bushnell

An Interview with B.B. Taylor


My thoughts on mental health issues among primary school pupils and how I hope The Mystery of the Colour Thief will help children to reach out by Ewa Jozefkowicz

The Mystery Of The Colour Thief by Ewa Jozefkowicz


Vasilisa the Priest’s Daughter (on challenging stereotypes) by Sophie Anderson

The House With Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson


Hopeless Heroes by Stella Tarakson, illustrated by Nick Roberts


The Illustrator For International Book Giving Day 2018 Is…


An Interview With… Ben Davis

Make Me Awesome by Ben Davis, illustrated by Mike Lowery


Prisoner Of Ice And Snow by Ruth Lauren

Stunt Double ad

Stunt Double by Tamsin Cooke


The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2017


OK, so this isn’t a proper blog tour, but…

June 26th – June 30th is my Guy Bass week; a celebration of the humble farmer’s daughter from Petetborough’s rise to fame as a hilarious children’s author.

June 26th – June 30th is… Guy Bass Week!

Atomic! By Guy Bass, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Spynosaur by Guy Bass, illustrated by Lee Robinson

Aidan Abet, Teacher’s Pet By Guy Bass, illustrated by Steve May

We Are Super! by Guy Bass, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Stitch Head by Guy Bass, illustrated by Pete Williamson

Dougal Daley Banner1

Dougal Daley: It’s Not My Fault!