What’s That In Dog Years? by Ben Davis

The Blurb The last woof and testament of Gizmo the Wonder Dog! George knows that Gizmo is getting old - after all, he's been around since before George was born and what's that in dog years? - so he writes Gizmo a bucket list. As the pair work their way down the list they have … Continue reading What’s That In Dog Years? by Ben Davis


Flying by Danny Rurlander

It’s my stop on the Spylark Blog Tour, and I am delighted to be welcoming Danny to the blog today to talk flying, drones and personal journeys. Learning to fly with the RAF in the Cambridge University Air Squadron gave me an appreciation of what Jim Rothwell – the main protagonist Tom’s mentor character - … Continue reading Flying by Danny Rurlander

Spylark by Danny Rurlander

The Blurb Ever since the accident, Tom’s struggled with his mobility. But he has a secret escape: Skylark, his drone – through this technology, he can fly above his Lake District home, exploring his world from a totally different perspective. But when he stumbles upon a terrorist plot, he knows no one will believe him. … Continue reading Spylark by Danny Rurlander

Lori and Max by Catherine O’Flynn

The Blurb Lori wants to be a detective but, so far, the most exciting mystery she has solved is the disappearance of her nan’s specs down the side of the sofa. Max is the new girl at school and Lori is asked to look after her. Max is odd. She doesn’t fit in – but … Continue reading Lori and Max by Catherine O’Flynn


Summer was long. So, so very long. Six weeks of time. Time to overthink. Time to play out every eventuality to its worst possible conclusion. At my last counselling session in the last week of the holidays, I was told I probably wasn't in a fit mental state to return to school. Mainly because I … Continue reading Balance

Mythologica by Dr. Steve Kershaw and Victoria Topping

An encyclopedia of gods, monsters and mortals from Ancient Greece The Blurb An illustrated encyclopedia of Greek mythology like no other, Mythologica features startlingly beautiful and exquisitely otherworldly portraits of mythological characters in eye-popping colour from artist Victoria Topping and authoritative text from Classics scholar and Greek mythology expert Dr Stephen Kershaw. Uncover the colourful … Continue reading Mythologica by Dr. Steve Kershaw and Victoria Topping