Empire’s End A Roman Story by Leila Rasheed

The Blurb When, Camilla, a young North African girl travels with her mother and father from Leptis Magna to Rome in 207 AD, she believes that she is going to the centre of the world. But just a few months later, the little family is dispatched to the very edge of it: Britannica. Tragedy strikes … Continue reading Empire’s End A Roman Story by Leila Rasheed

D-Day Dog by Tom Palmer

Illustrations by Tom Clohosy Cole Jack loves nothing more than playing video games based on war with his Dad, a member of the Army Reserves. That, and his dog, Finn. And now he's learning all about the D-Day Landings at school before the Year 6 residential trip to Normandy. Life couldn't be better. Then Jack's … Continue reading D-Day Dog by Tom Palmer