Words by J.R.Wallis

I'm delighted to welcome J.R. Wallis to my blog today to celebrate the launch of the third book in The Badlands Trilogy. Do make sure you check out my book review to see day 3 of J.R. reading from The Book Of Mysteries! We’re really lucky with the English language that we have so many … Continue reading Words by J.R.Wallis

The Book Of Mysteries by J.R. Wallis

Publication Date: 28 May 2020 The Blurb Welcome to the Badlands ... a hidden part of our world full of creatures which most people think exist only in fairy tales and nightmares.Ruby is trying to change the future. Her fate is in the hands of the council as they prepare to decide once and for all … Continue reading The Book Of Mysteries by J.R. Wallis

The Black Amulet by J R Wallis

Cover illustration by Manuel Šumberac Having loved The Boy With One Name, I was delighted when ReadingZone asked me to review the second tale from the Badlands... Since their commencements, none of the three Badlanders have the life they had wanted. Thomas Gabriel’s magic is fading, and Ruby needs Jones for hers to work properly. … Continue reading The Black Amulet by J R Wallis