The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery by Kim Donovan

(St Viper’s School for Super Villains #1)

The book follows Demon Kid as he arrives for his first term at St Viper’s School for Super Villains, where he begins his World Domination training. His dad is a brilliant Super Villain, so he has a lot to live up to.

With his friends Wolfgang, Stretch and Shrink, he sets out to prove he has what it takes to live up to the school motto, ‘May the Best Baddie Win!’, and beat Chill and his gang of bullies who take every opportunity to make the new villains in school look weak.

As an adult, I found it shallow, with under-developed characters and a bit too try hard in the funny stakes.

However, I can really see it appealing to it’s target audience of 7-10 year olds. It’s an easy read, with illustrations dotted through. As a series starter, it’s going to hook them and leave them wanting to read the next instalments.


Perfect for fans of Horrid Henry.


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