Ned’s Circus of Marvels by Justin Fisher

Ned Waddlesworth’s life is boring. His school is boring, the town he lives in is boring, his Dad is boring; boring and overprotective.

And then it’s Ned’s 13th birthday; bring on the clowns! They don’t just banish the boring, they turn Ned’s world upside down. Everything Ned imagines about magic and monsters turns out to be real, as he enters the Circus of Marvels to begin his training to save the world as we know it from the evil beyond the Veil.

A stunning debut novel that brings characters and settings to life, and has you rooting for Ned from the very beginning. It was also a stark reminder of why I am terrified of clowns (these make Pennywise seem friendly). Looking forward to book 2 next year.


Great for fans of Harry Potter, Northern Lights and Cogheart.


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