Me and Mister P by Maria Farrer, illustrated by Daniel Rieley

Arthur has had enough. His life is a never ending cycle of Liam this, Liam that, Liam blah blah blah, while Arthur just gets told off. He picks up his lucky crystal and his survival tin and leaves home. Forever. Or, he would have done if Mister P hadn’t been stood on his doorstep with a rather smelly suitcase and a label with his address on it…

This is such a heart-warming tale of acceptance, understanding and tolerance, about being a good friend and a better brother. Maria Farrer depicts the emotional struggles Arthur and his family faces with compassion and heart, while Daniel Ridley’s illustrations add depth and humour to this beautiful book.

By learning to accept and adapt to meet Mister P’s different needs, Arthur is finally able to be the older brother he wants to be and Liam needs. I know lots of children who will empathise instantly with the characters in the story. It is much needed for my school bookshelf.


Every child (and adult) should read it.


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