The Halloweeds by Veronica Cossanteli

It’s just another day at school when Dan and Martha are called to the Headteacher’s office to be told their parents have been eaten by cannibals. With baby Grub and Caramel, their babysitter, they head for Daundelyon Hall to live with Great-Aunt Grusilla.

From the moment they step off the train at Witches’ Cross, it’s obvious that life is going to be very different. What does the inscription on the lintel mean? Why does everybody there have a missing finger? What is so special about Dan? And just why does Great-Aunt Grusilla have a fish bowl on her head?

Brimming with dark humour, this fast paced adventure is a grotesque delight that had me laughing out loud while making my toes curl in disgust.


Great for fans of Lemony Snickett, Roald Dahl and M.G. Leonard.


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