A First Book Of Animals by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Petr Horáček

So, you want to know more about animals? Where they live? Which are the biggest and smallest? Why are they the colour or shape they are? What about their babies? What do they do? This is the perfect book to discover some of the amazing creatures that grace our planet, from the depths of the oceans to the tops of the trees, from deserts to ice caps and everything between.

Told through a mixture of poetry and prose, it’s the kind of book that can be poured over again and again, mornings, noon and night. The illustrations are a mix of drawings, paintings and prints, each matched perfectly with it’s accompanying text. Perfect for animal lover and those curious about the vast variety of life on Earth whatever your age.


Great for all Primary Key Stages studying topics covering any type of animal life, and for poetry units.


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