Aubrey And The Terrible Ladybirds by Horatio Clare, illustrated by Jane Matthews

It’s the start of the Easter holidays and all Aubrey can hear is his parents arguing. When Hirundo the swallow returns to nest for the summer, Aubrey is glad he has someone to talk to, and when he is offered the chance to use the Swallow Stone so that he can fly with Hirundo, our hero shrinks to the size of a ten pence piece, before he realises they have no idea how to unshrink him again.

When Ariadne, the spider, wakes him up and tells him he must travel to Europe immediately to save the world, he is adamant he needs to be the right size. It’s only because he isn’t, and he can talk with the animals, however, that make him perfect for the job.

As if this wasn’t enough, the arrival of the ladybirds in Woodside Terrace leads to a crisis in Rushing Wood. Can our miniature hero find a way to restore order in Rushing Wood and save the world, all while he’s the size of a ten pence piece?

Tackling big issues of love, immigration and the environment in a way that builds empathy, understanding and tolerance, this is a quirky, captivating and thought-provoking adventure that grips you from the start. With fabulous footnotes to aid understanding, Horatio Clare entertains and educates with ease. Jane Matthew’s illustrations add an extra depth of warmth and humour.


Great for fans of Beetle Boy and The Wilderness War.

Many thanks to Firefly Press and Toppsta for this fabulous addition to my bookshelf at school.



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