Goodly And Grave In A Case of Bad Murder By Justine Windsor

Publication Date: 27th July 2017


Lucy Goodly is beginning to get to grips with her magical skills, which is just as well with the case MAAM now face. In this second outing, we are plunged straight back into the action as Lucy, Lord Grave and Bathsheba head to a graveyard in the dead of night to catch a grave robber. As they face the thief a stone angel comes to his aid, and Lucy has to save both Lord Grave and herself. But why is someone stealing the dirt from graves?

When magical items are stolen, and their owners murdered, the case becomes more complex and deadly at every turn. Can Lucy stay for one step ahead from the magician responsible, and solve the case?

Justine Windsor has delivered another gripping instalment in her gorgeously gothic series. A beautifully crafted world, an eccentric cast of characters, from our plucky sleuths to their villainous foes, and the eternally comic Mrs Crawley, and enough plot twists to tie the most accomplished detective in knots make this a must for lovers of magic, mystery and murder. Becka Moor’s delightful illustrations add warmth and depth, and capture the heart of the story perfectly.

Great for fans of Black Cats and Butlers, Cogheart and Rose Campion.

Ebook proof courtesy of Harper Collins Children’s Books.


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