The Misfits Club by Kieran Crowley, illustrated by Vince Reid


Life had been getting worse for Amelia ever since her baby sister was born, and now, she’s been sent to live on her grandmother’s farm in Ireland’s most boring town, Newpark for the end of summer. How is that fair?

Brian doesn’t want the summer to end. Not because life in Newpark has become exciting, but because he doesn’t want two of his best friends, Sam and Chris, to leave. If life has taught Brian anything, it’s that change is never good.

When Hannah introduces Amelia to the Misfits Club, she doesn’t want to belong to a club for losers, and Brian doesn’t want any new members spoiling their last few weeks together. Amelia faces the test to get into the club anyway, and when she comes face to face with what can only be a ghost it appears their last mystery may be their biggest ever. Can they work together to solve it before the Misfits Club disband for good?

The Famous Five meet The Goonies in this riotous romp packed with affable friendships and fearsome adventures, that had me laughing out loud. Brian, Hannah, Sam, Chris and Amelia bounce off each other brilliantly, and I love how they gel together as a group of friends. What I love more, is their thirst for adventure and good old fashioned spending time together – it’s what summers were made for. If this had been around during my childhood, I’m sure it would have included lashings of ginger beer!

Vince Reid’s fabulous illustrations are peppered throughout, and with extracts from Amelia’s journal, and newspaper clippings, The Misfits Club is a cracking read.

Great for fans of Radio Boy, Jim Reaper, The Wilderness War, and The Famous Five.

Huge thanks to Kieran Crowley for sending me a copy for my school bookshelf, it’s going down a storm!



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