How To Grow And Eat Monster Vegetables by M.P. Robertson


Meet James, and his grandchildren, as he passes on his years of wisdom growing, showing and eating Monster Vegetables. From soil types and tools of the trade to pests and free range dragons, this is the ultimate guide to surviving the most exciting and potentially deadly kind of gardening.

Perfect for Halloween and harvest, fiction meets fact-book in the most hilarious and horrifying fashion. Stunning illustrations compliment the wonderous hints, tips, facts, instructions and recipes.


I must get my hands on some beet-em-up-roots and dragon’s eggs so I can try the scrumptious sounding chocolate cake! There are replacement ingredients for regular gardeners and bakers.

As endorsements go, I think the best comes from one of the children in my After School Book Club: “Miss Cleveland, THAT IS DISGUSTING! Can I have a closer look please?”

Huge thanks to Helen at From You To Me and Journals Of A Lifetime for sending me a copy for review – now to get some steel toe capped wellies so I can get started on my new garden…


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