Perfectly Peculiar Plants by Chris Thorogood, illustrated by Catell Ronca


If you thought plants were boring, it’s time to think again! They aren’t just pretty adornments in our gardens; from producing pollen and food to providing the air we breathe, we couldn’t exist without them. They’re amazing in their range of colour, shape and size. But some are more peculiar than others.

Masters of camouflage, deadly predators and liquid time bombs are just a few of the extraordinary plants from around the world that feature in this cornucopia of botanical brilliance. Along with their Latin name, how they reproduce and what their food source is, each plant is beautifully illustrated, some with their unfortunate prey, bringing these bizarre specimens from nature to life.

There are also facts about plants in general, explaining the process of photosynthesis, how plants communicate with each other, and with insects and animals, and how we can help protect these fierce and fabulous plants in their habitats.

Perfect for topics on plants, and a fascinating non fiction browser for nature lovers, the layout is clear, engaging and packed full of information and questions that are bound to inspire curiosity. The illustrations are as vibrant and fascinating as the plants they depict, with plenty of intricate details to pour over again and again.

Huge thanks to Quarto for sending me a copy.


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