Plantopedia: A Celebration Of Nature’s Greatest Show-Offs by Adrienne Barman


From the healers to the poisoners, the perfumed to the stinkers, the forest dwellers to the mountaineers and even the magical, with more than 600 of nature’s most amazing plants, this is a budding botanist’s delight.

Each section is bursting with a huge selection of the amazing plant life on planet Earth. The incredibly detailed, captivating illustrations provide hours of exploration, with each plant named and fascinating facts scattered amongst the foliage. The lack of text broadens the appeal, making a very grown up looking book accessible to all ages. I especially loved the backgrounds, complete with animals that would be found snuffling and shuffling their way through the flora and fauna depicted.


The Appendix provides all the information you need to go on a leaf hunt and classify your finds, while the Glossary explains key terms about plants parts and types. The Index means anyone looking for a specific species can find it quickly too.

Huge thanks to The Federation Of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG) for inviting me to take part in their National Non-Fiction November Blog Tour, and Quarto for producing quality non-fiction to inspire children. Check out the hashtags, #GNNFN and #NNFN for more fabulous books to engage curious minds.



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