Rivers by Peter Goes

The Blurb…

A breathtaking journey along the world’s most important rivers, from the author of international bestseller Timeline. A non fiction book for children and all ages.


The Review…

Rivers is the follow up to Timeline, telling the stories of the rivers, and the people and lands they pass, on their journey to the sea. From the Darling to to Danube, the Thames to the Tigris, and the Yukon to the Yangtze the world’s river are brought spectacularly to life in this stunning book that blends geography, history and popular culture into a magical work of non fiction.

Beginning with a map, showing the oceans and continents of our planet, Rivers is then ordered by continent, covering the world’s best known rivers. Each continent begins with its own map covering a double page spread featuring iconic landmarks, myths and legends, nature and popular culture references in the simplistic, yet stunning, illustrations that pop off the monochromatic colour schemes.


As we delve closer into individual rivers, historical events, major sporting events, iconic structures, both man-made and natural, and places along it’s route all feature in the fabulous facts that meander across the page.

The perfect browser for curious minds wanting to dive deeper into our world’s waterways, how settlements turned into major cities across our globe, and how myths and legends sprang from the rivers and surrounding lands. It would make a brilliant addition to any school library, with a wealth of uses in the classroom.

Want more? Head over to Gecko Press for a look inside…

About Peter Goes…

Peter Goes lives in Belgium where he works as a freelance illustrator. He has also worked as a stage manager and studied animation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium.


You can see Peter talking about Rivers and drawing here.

Huge thanks to Laura and Gecko Press for sending me a copy for review. It has been admired by children and staff alike!


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