Dougal Daley I’m Phenomenal by Jackie Marchant, illustrated by Loretta Schauer

Publication Date: 15 October 2018

The Blurb
In the third book in the series, Dougal finds that making money isn’t quite as easy as he thinks. In fact it causes him more trouble than it’s worth as he gets caught up in a fast-paced adventure that he finds impossible to control. There’s the mysterious Igor Meerkat, poisonous ants and a horned lizard that shoots blood out of her eyes all caught up in the mayhem. But, of course, NONE of it is his fault!

The Review

I am a huge fan of Dougal Daley, and the third book is just as funny as the first two. Fast-paced mayhem abounds as Dougal finally completes his ICT homework and attempts to get his business off the ground.

The use of letters, text messages and emails to break the narrative and move the plot along is used to hilarious effect. Dougal’s humour is, if anything, even more dry and sarcastic while his parents and teacher remain exasperated at his antics.

Children are bound to relate to the everyday scenarios Dougal and his friends find themselves in, and revel in those that are more unusual. One thing’s for sure – as entertaining as it is to read, I’m kind of relieved I’m neither Dougal’s mum or School Librarian!

Great for fans of Danny Dingle, Sam Wu, Beaky Malone, Diary Of A Wimpy and Tom Gates.


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