Animals At Night by Katy Flint, illustrated by Cornelia Li

Publication Date: 2 July 2019

The Blurb
Meet the animals that come out at night in this nocturnal adventure across the globe’s habitats, including a glow-in-the-dark poster of the deep sea. See the jaguar prowling the Amazon rain forest, spot the lion pride on the African savanna, and visit a turtle nesting beach under the stars. Then, turn off the lights to see the ocean creatures glow on the 24″ × 11.5″ tear-out poster.

The Review

A captivating journey through a huge range of night time habitats, with fascinating facts about the creatures that come out as we go to sleep.

Perfect as a suppliment for any topic on animals, the descriptive language and glorious illustrations on each double page spread transport you to the starlit habitats in a city, rainforest, coral reef, and desert among others.

The glow in the dark Deep Sea pull out poster is stunning whether the lights are on or not!

A great non-fiction pleasure browser that would be as good as a bedtime book as it is for fact-finding.