Magnificent Mabel And The Rabbit Riot by Ruth Quayle, illustrated by Julia Christians

Publication Date: 6 February 2020

The Blurb

Sometimes life isn’t fair for Mabel Chase. Like for instance she doesn’t have one SINGLE pet in her whole life. And ALL the people in her class are losing their baby teeth. And she doesn’t EVEN have a sprinkler in her own garden. But none of that matters in the end… because Mabel is still MAGNIFICENT.

Three laugh-out-loud funny short stories, brilliantly illustrated throughout!

The Review

Observational comedy from a child’s eye view of the world takes on sibling birthdays, playdates and the tooth fairy in the first book from this endearing new character.

Mabel is a noticing sort of girl, with a keen sense of how things should be. And, when they aren’t she knows how to keep calm in a crisis and get what she wants, sort of.

She learns from experience, and her older sister. Kind, imaginative and hilariously hotheaded in the way only young people learning to control their emotions and impulses can be, Mabel is exceptionally relatable, as are the situations we see her in.

Perfect for young readers striking out on their own, and for sharing with older family members.

Huge thanks to Nosy Crow for sending me an early review copy.


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