The Vigilante Tooth Fairy by B.B. Taylor

Publication Date: 12 March 2020

The Blurb

Children have stopped believing in magic, no longer leaving their teeth out for the fairies. No teeth, no magic, and no more fairies! Time is rapidly running out.

Enter one little fairy … Mouse. Always told she’s too small to be a tooth fairy she decides to take action. Resorting to drastic measures and even breaking the fairy code of conduct – thou shalt not steal teeth.


The Review

A modern day fairytale, packed with pluck and peril, perfect for younger readers wanting a gently told tale.

From the very first meeting, it’s obvious that Mouse is desperate to do more than life has mapped out for her. Her determination to spread her wings and become a real tooth fairy, and help save her world never waiver, even going so far as to break the fairy code.

Faith still possesses the ability to believe in the impossible, and is unfazed by her late night visitor, resolving to team up and help Mouse. It is their teamwork and belief in themselves and each other that leads them to a solution.

The black and white illustrations throughout bring Mouse’s world and adventures to life, perfectly matching the warmth and wit with which her tale is told.

Shining a light on self-belief, teamwork and perseverance, the story imparts how these character traits can have a huge impact, even when you’re little, and that laughter is a real form of magic that drives the greyness of life away.

About The Author

Professional daydreamer, training to be a superhero one day … Birmingham based author B B Taylor loves to adventure and find inspiration for new stories whenever she can. When she’s not hanging out with her yeti she can be found sharing stories and having fun, taking every day to find opportunities and learn something new! Her most recent books include Curse of the Nomed created to support Children’s Mental Health Charity Partnership for Children.

On writing The Vigilante Tooth Fairy, B.B. Taylor said:

When I created Mouse and The Vigilante Toothfairy I wanted to create a feel good story of self-belief and perseverance for children that wasn’t a typical, traditional fairy tale. I wanted children to be able to believe in themselves and know there is so much they can achieve in this world with a little bit of belief and a heart full of dreams.

Our hero, Mouse, may be little, but she has the heart of a giant and the determination to save magic. She is willing to be brave even when it seems all is lost.

Throughout her adventure, Mouse discovers that laughter is the truest form of magic in this world that can drive away even the darkest of days and I want children to embrace the laughter and beauty that the world and all its opportunities have to offer.

We should never stop looking for the magic around us and remember that through every door the next great adventure is waiting for us.

Huge thanks to Tiny Tree for sending me a copy, and inviting me to take part in the Blog Tour for The Vigilante Tooth Fairy. Do Make sure you check out all of the other stops.



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