Climate Change And How We’ll Fix It by Alice Harman, illustrated by Andrés Lozano

National Non-Fiction November is an annual celebration of non-fiction for children and young people organized by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, and I’m delighted to be sharing an amazing non-fiction title today for the final stop on the blog tour this year.

Publication Date: 20 October 2020

The Blurb

We know what we need to do – so why don’t we just sort out climate change? Many kids (and quite a few adults) have asked the question; this book will answer it, with a positive but realistic vision of what the solution to our global crisis looks like.

Part one recaps the physical causes of climate change: burning fossil fuels, destruction of our forests, and humankind’s insatiable desire for products. Part two delves into the social and political reasons why we find it so hard to say enough is enough, even when we can see the problem. And part three lays out the solutions that will guide young activists towards a better future.  

The Review

Climate Change is a subject that is becoming more and more important to younger generations, with a wave of climate strikes taking place in over 150 countries, two years on from Greta Thunberg’s solo protest which kicked off the #SchoolStrike4Climate movement. For children wanting to know why Greta is making so much noise, this is the perfect book.

A thought-provoking, compassionate cry to come to the aid of our planet. Insightful and inspiring, young readers are given the facts in about how we are damaging our planet and what we need to do to build a cleaner, fairer, better world.

The three sections are very clear in their purpose, and there is no hiding from issues or pulling punches with the realistic, yet hopeful solutions, and that requires adults to start listening and working together.

Andrés Lozano’s delightful illustrations, paired with Alice Harman’s well researched and written informative text, create engaging spreads that are easy to navigate and understand. They are sure to captivate curious minds and set budding activists on their way.

Huge thanks for inviting me to take part, and to Quarto for sending me a copy of Climate Change And How We’ll Fix It. Check out the other stops by following the #ThePlanetWeShare and #NNFN2020 hashtags on social media. And, make sure you visit the Federation Of Children’s Book Groups website for more information, ideas and resources


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