The Great Barrier Reef by Helen Scales, illustrated by Lisk Feng

Publication Date: 1 February 2021

The Blurb

With nearly 400,000 square kilometres of dazzling colour, intricate ecosystems and unique creatures large and small, The Great Barrier Reef is one of the great natural wonders of our world. Vibrant, dynamic illustrations illuminate this enchanting place, its animal inhabitants, and the people who have embraced it as a centrepiece of their cultures. Learn all about how the reef came to be, its place in the world, and perhaps most importantly, what we can all do to help ensure that The Great Barrier Reef will be around for countless future generations to discover!

The Review

From the first look at the captivating cover you know you are about to embark upon a fascinating journey to discover amazing facts about one of the wonders of our planet. We learn what coral is, how reefs develop and about the scientists who study them. We get to meet the creatures that dwell in reefs, and those that visit them.

Intricately detailed illustrations draw the eye on each double page spread enhancing the cornucopia of facts. Each section heading spread wouldn’t look out of place in a frame on the wall! I loved learning about the reef as a human habit through out history and its significance in myth and legend.

The final chapter deals with the damaging effects of global warming and pollution, explaining how humans are destroying the natural beauty beneath the waves, as well as exploring ways in which we can help the reef to recover.

A stunning book for any topic box on oceans or Australia, and a glorious pleasure browser to dive into and immerse yourself in.

Huge thanks to Flying Eye for gifting me a copy.


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