It’s here! The 2022 Read For Empathy Collection from EmpathyLab!

EmpathyLab announces 2022 Read for Empathy collection –practical tool to surround children with empathy experiences

EmpathyLab launches its 2022 Read for Empathy book collection at a time when empathy has never been needed more. An expert judging panel has selected 60 books for 4-16 year-olds, each chosen to empower an empathy-educated generation.

The primary collection features 35 books for 4-11 year olds; the secondary collection has 25 books for 12-16 year olds. 43% of the collection are by authors of colours, and there are seven illustrators of colour. Many of the books help readers understand the lives of those experiencing tough situations, from becoming homeless, or a refugee. Others help children build their understanding of emotions or inspire positive action towards the climate or animals or people in their community.

The Primary Collection

I am delighted with the primary collection which includes some of my favourite reads from the last year or two, spanning a range of genres so there really is something for everyone to enjoy while flexing their empathy muscles.

With a host of activities too, head over to EmpathyLab and download the guides to find out how you can help the children in your lives, whether at home or in school, to become part of an empathy educated generation.

And, if you do work with children, find out more about the training they offer to make the biggest impact you can this year.