World Of Food by Sandra Lawrence, illustrated by Violeta Noy

Publication Date: 17 February 2022

The Blurb

What did the ancient Romans snack on?
Where does chocolate come from?
And how has the humble potato shaped history?
There is a whole world of food to discover!

Everywhere on our planet where people can be found, there are different foods that we enjoy, and different ways of preparing and eating them, too. From fruits, vegetables, cheeses and grains to spices, honey, chocolate and foods of the future, find out where foods come from, and what we grow, farm, forage and cook in order to eat. Explore more than 100 dishes and food traditions from every corner of the globe, and what people ate for lunch 5,000 years ago. Roasted hedgehog, anyone?

The Review

Food, glorious food, from across time and the world is celebrated in this mouth watering new title from Templar Publishing.

Whether you’re interested in the food consumed at Romans banquets or modern day festivals and celebrations around the world, or what the different food classes are and how we use them in different countries, this is an absolute feast of a book packed with fascinating culinary facts displayed on colourful, engaging spreads mixing food, history, geography and culture.

From fruit and vegetables, to meat and seafood, to dairy products and grains, we see where these foods began and how they are used across the continents. I was left hungry for my guilty pleasures after the spreads on cheese and chocolate, and thoughtful pondering the tricky questions surrounding food production for the planet.

With a glossary and bread recipe to round off the book, this is a must have for any food topic, and the opening spread on what we need to eat is perfect to start discussions around heathy eating.

Huge thanks to Templar Publishing for sending me a copy.