Like A Charm by Elle McNicoll

Publication Date: 3 February 2022

The Blurb

Edinburgh is a city filled with magical creatures. No one can see them… except Ramya Knox.

As she is pulled into her family’s world of secrets and spells, Ramya sets out to discover the truth about the Hidden Folk with only three words of warning from her grandfather: Beware the Sirens.

Plunged into an adventure that will change everything, Ramya is about to learn that there is more to her powers than she ever imagined.

The Review

Utterly spellbinding, transportative writing that carries you along on a tide of emotions from beginning to end.

From the moment we meet Ramya, you get the sense that she isn’t like the rest of us, and it has nothing to do with her dyspraxia. Her abilities mark her as someone special who might just be able to save us all from a threat that most just cannot see. Just like Addie and Cora in Elle’s previous books, we see Ramya’s frustration at the way she is treated at school, her messy handwriting overriding her academic achievement in the eyes of some of the adults she has to deal with.

Elle’s writing transports us to an Edinburgh where the Royal Mile and Grass Market come alive to anyone who knows those streets, one where magic and mythical beings are cloaked from most human eyes. An air of impending danger hangs over the city with fights and disputes breaking out on street corners. A dangerous alliance is at work to bring chaos and shift power dynamics for entertainment.

With Ramya’s ability to see through glamours we are able to meet a host of faery folk, some friendly, and some definitely not. I loved the way she treated them with the respect that she so often does not receive. The result of which was a jaw dropping ending that makes it feel like a very long wait to see what comes next in this fantastically magical series!

Huge thanks to Knights Of for sending me a copy