Epic Adventures by Sam Sedgeman, illustrated by Sam Brewster

Publication Date: 17 February 2022

The Blurb

Explore the world in 12 train journeys!

Climb onboard and travel across six continents, 34 countries and numerous cities via twelve of the world’s most amazing train journeys. Bestselling author Sam Sedgman will delight with his descriptive and illuminative text about train journeys including the Eurostar (London to Amsterdam), Orient Express (Paris to Istanbul), the first Transcontinental Railroad (Chicago to San Francisco) and the Rejuvenation Express (Beijing to Hong Kong).

Each locomotive adventure reveals some of the rich history, culture, landscape and wildlife of the countries travelled. Take in the safari sights of Southern Africa, wrap up warm in the Arctic Circle, celebrate Chinese New Year and taste some tea in India whilst on a toy train – there’s a whole world to discover when travelling by train!

The Review

An amazingly informative, visually stunning non-fiction title combining geography, engineering, history, nature and culture in a captivating book that will have you thirsting for travel.

Each train journey is covered in two double page spreads. The first shows the route the journey takes and information about the train you travel on, and the second covers a myriad of information about an area the train passes through. Nuggets of information are sprinkled liberally across the incredible illustrations, in which you will find new details with every look.

A must for fans of the Adventures On trains series by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgeman, you will recognise some of the trains and journeys in Epic Adventures, including The Ghan from the latest book, Sabotage On The Solar Express. The only question is, does that mean there will be books based on the other routes covered in this book? Fingers crossed!

Huge thanks to Macmillan Children’s Books for sending me a copy.


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