Pizazz vs Everyone by Sophy Henn

Publication Date: 13 October 2022

The Blurb


Everyone’s favourite 9¾-year-old reluctant superhero is back, and she’s facing her biggest challenge yet… EVERYONE (and EVERYTHING)! Will it all prove too much? Will Pizazz manage to keep using her powers for good? Or will this push her over the edge to…


The Review

The fifth book in this super series brings humour, heart and heartache to readers with the dramatic flair we have come to love from Pizazz. We are once again treated to highly-illustrated fiction with full comic strips for the superhero and super baddie action scenes which tell as much of the story as the sharp, witty prose narrated by our favourite sassy super.

Pizazz Vs Everyone really struck a chord with me and is sure to be a hit with children with a very much needed message to encourage good mental health. My daily mantra is, “There will always be someone who doesn’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.” And, this is a lesson Pizazz learns when she finds herself pulled in too many different directions and feels as if all she ever does is disappoint people.

The pressure of always having to jump to the rescue whenever mission control demands, to get everything right and live up to the expectations of her family and friends leaves Pizazz feeling out of sorts and looking for an easier path. And, while the dark side may be tempting, are the costumes and pizza really better as a baddie?

I love how we experience the emotional struggle Pizazz is going through and that we feel her physical reactions too. This would make for a fantastic class read – make sure you have a visualiser to share all of the illustrations – with massive scope for discussion around personal strengths, making good choices and being kind to yourself.

Great for fans of:

  • Sam Wu Is Not Afraid series by Katie and Kevin Tsang
  • The Exploding Life Of Scarlett Fife by Maz Evans
  • Diary Of An Accidental Witch by Honor and Perdita Cargill

Meet Aunty Fury

Want to know more about the characters? Check out the cards featured throughout the blog tour – just click the link below the image to find out more about Aunty Fury…

Huge thanks to Simon & Schuster for inviting me to take part in the Blog Tour – do make sure you check out all of the other stops to see the other character cards


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