Mort The Meek And The Perilous Prophecy by Rachel Delahaye, illustrated by George Ermos

Publication Date: 5 January 2023

The Blurb

When Brutalia’s ever suspicious Queen is forewarned of a new enemy – a nearby island called Bonrock – Mort is worried. As a pacifist, he’s a firm believer that strangers are just friends they haven’t met yet. Then he and his best friend and fellow pacifist Weed are sent to the island to investigate.

But Bonrock is a warm and welcoming place, with luscious landscapes and tropical waters. Mort’s relieved – there’s no need to fight! Until they stumble upon something terrifying… Perhaps there really is trouble in paradise?

The Review

I love Mort. I have loved Mort ever since I met him in a very early draft of book one, and he just gets more lovable with each story. With best friend, Weed, at his side, the Pacifist Society of Brutalia are determined to spread peace to their brown and barren rock. This is no easy task, with the Queen’s spy ever more determined to spread misinformation, and whip up her up into a warmongering frenzy.

Sharp wit and wordplay bring bags of humour to the story as we see Brutalia through the eyes of Vita and Genia who are used to cleanliness and educated debate, and Bonrock through the eyes of boys who find home comforts and bright vegetables alien to their upbringings. I was crying laughing at their interpretation of a PE lesson! And, as ever, George Ermos brings the eccentric cast and fabulous settings to life with his stunning illustrations.

As with with first two books in the series, beneath the constant puns, is a much needed message, this time about how easy it is to attack what we don’t understand, and that learning about what frightens us can help to take fear of the unknown away. That, and soup is very important!

Huge thanks to Little Tiger Press for sending me a copy and inviting me to take part in the blog tour. Do make sure you check out all of the other stops.


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