How To Make A Story by Naomi Jones, illustrated by Ana Gomez

Publication Date: 2 February 2023

The Blurb

When Milo decides he’s going to tell a story, it seems like a great idea. A story of his very own, made up by him! The only problem is that he’s not sure how to start … or what to put in the middle … or how to end it.

With a little help from his family and a lot of real-life inspiration, Milo’s story is soon off to a flying start. If only his little brother and sister weren’t getting in the way. But then Milo learns the most important lesson of all about stories – that they are made to be shared.

The Review

A joyful celebration of the imagination and creativity that goes into bringing a story to life.

I loved seeing Milo pluck inspiration from around him and run with ideas planted by his family when he got stuck. Tigers, treasure and monsters are combined to create a wild adventure fit for a book – which is exactly what Milo does once he’s found his beginning, middle and end. And what a beautiful ending it is too!

Ana’s vibrant colour palette brings Naomi’s carefully chosen words to life. Different fonts are used to distinguish between Milo’s thoughts and his storytellimg, helping young children to navigate the process. The spread of the whole story towards the end is superb, and would be a great tool for KS1 classes to model how to make their very own stories.

Huge thanks to Oxford Children’s Books for sending me a copy and inviting me to take part in the blog tour. Do make sure you check out all of the other stops.


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