Tourmaline And The Island Of Elsewhere by Ruth Lauren

Publication Date: 2 March 2023

The Blurb

When Tourmaline’s mother goes missing on a search for precious artefacts, Tourmaline sets off to find her with her best friend George, her new friend (former foe) Mai and her limitless determination. On their adventure, they encounter a band of female pirates, a maze of talking trees and a series of challenges that test the children and their friendship. But will it be enough to reunite Tourmaline with her mother?

The Guest Post: Ruth Lauren Reveals Her Ideal Dinner Party Line Up

1) First, I’d have to include a famous adventurer to regale us all with bold tales of travel and discovery. Picking just one is hard, but it would have to be Gertrude Bell. She was a British archaeologist (and linguist, and mountaineer), the first woman to attain a first-class degree in modern history (at Oxford, no less) and the first woman to achieve seniority in the British military intelligence and diplomatic service. She firmly believed that artefacts should be kept in their home nations, which is a viewpoint some of the characters in Tourmaline and the Island of Elsewhere struggle with!

2) Anne Bonny – another intrepid seafaring woman and a real pirate of the Caribbean. She sailed the seas as First Mate on the William. No one knows which of the tales of her swashbuckling bravado and fierce temper are true, but I bet for a good meal and some gingery biscuits she could tell us some stories.

3) I think Katherine Rundell – an author whose books I really enjoy – would fit right in too. Her books always have travel and adventure and determined female protagonists.

4) My daughter, who has read all of my books and asked me yesterday how long she would have to wait to read Tourmaline Book two. She’s fiercely feminist, so of course this would be a guest list she’d enjoy. She’s also an excellent baker, so there’s always something on the cake stand in my house, which I’m sure guest number six would be pleased about.

5) Bella Ramsey, who I think could just about still get away with playing Tourmaline (age-wise) if there was a film (hey, this is a fantasy dinner party, right? I’m expanding the fantasy). I think she’s incredible, and I can just imagine her bringing Tourmaline’s spark and determination to life.

6) I’d like to invite all of the characters in Tourmaline and Island of Elsewhere to be honest – imagine the party that would be! But given the other guests, and the fact that sitting still and not pilfering all the food might be required, I think I’d have to invite George. I think he’d appreciate the conversation (And the cake – chocolate, of course. The more the better.) and he’d tell Tourmaline and Mai all about it afterwards.

Huge thanks to Ruth for such a fabulous guest post – what a guest list. I think I’d like to be at this one! And, thanks also go to Little Tiger Press for inviting me to take part in the blog tour. Do make sure you check out all of the other stops.


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