Serpent Of The Sands by Vashti Hardy

Publication Date: 11 May 2023 The Blurb A leap of faith in a race against time. When Princess Ganzorig's uncle falls gravely ill, she sneaks out of the Citadel to find a powerful cure, said to be guarded by the Serpent of the Sands. But is it only a story? Is she chasing false hope? … Continue reading Serpent Of The Sands by Vashti Hardy


Shadowsea by Peter Bunzl

Publication Date: 9th January 2020 The Blurb SECRETS NEVER STAY SUBMERGED FOR LONG Swept into the bright hustle and bustle of New York, Lily, Robert and Malkin discover shadowy secrets lie beneath its surface. For there are chilling goings-on in their hotel… A strange boy held captive, haunted by an undersea mystery; and a revengeful … Continue reading Shadowsea by Peter Bunzl

Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl

Hurrah for Waterstones and early release copies! Thanks to them, I got to spend the last day of my Easter holidays snuggled up with this, the second Cogheart adventure. I say snuggled; a more accurate description would be perched on the edge of my seat from beginning to end… It's been eight months since Lily … Continue reading Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl