Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford

Al Chaudhury gets a letter from his father (who died when Al was 8) on his 12th birthday, that sets him off on adventure through time with Alan Shearer –  the hamster, not the footballer – in a bath tub.

Ross Welford skilfully guides us on Al’s trips to 1984 and back again while he carries out Plan C to prevent his Dad’s death. We meet Al’s family, especially Grandpa Byron, as they would be following the way Al’s visits to the past change their realities both in the past and the present.

A cleverly crafted debut novel that, as an adult reader, took me straight back to my childhood. It builds speed and suspense as you read on, taking you on an emotional journey with Al, reaching a solid, heart-warming conclusion.
It also serves as a beautiful reminder to be grateful for the people we have in our lives.

Great for fans of Wonder, sci-fi and adventure.


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