The Inventory: Iron Fist by Andy Briggs

Shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2017, Hooked on Books category, Iron Fist is an action packed page turner.

Dev lives under the strict rules of his uncle, Charlie Parker on their farm. Only it isn’t a farm, it’s a cover for a secret underground bunker containing some of the most amazing, and most dangerous inventions that the world must never see.

So, when The Shadow Helix arrive at the same time as two of Dev’s classmates turn up unannounced, it becomes a race to stop the Iron Fist from ending up in the wrong hands.

Friendships, trust and loyalty grow between Dev, Lot and Mason as they fight their way through the Inventory where danger and inconceivable gadgets lie behind every turn.

The best praise I can give comes from a reluctant reader: “Miss, when is the next one coming out?” Thank you Andy, you’ve made my job so much easier!


Great for fans of Stormbreaker, Young Bond, action, adventure and sci-fi.


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