The Mighty Dynamo by Kieran Crowley

The Mighty Dynamo follows Noah’s quest to become a professional footballer by playing in the Schools’ World Cup. When his headteacher bans him from the school team, for something he didn’t do, he just has to find another way to get there.

With help from his best friend, Stevie -the analytical genius, and his big sister Simone, they manage to pull together a team of fabulous characters. They may not be the most skillful bunch, but they are all determined to work hard, play hard and enjoy the football; the pitch becomes the place we see the very best of each of them.

I picked this book up with a couple of reluctant readers in mind, and it didn’t disappoint. Great illustrations are dotted through the book, and the player profiles between chapters are a great addition. Packed with humour, emotion, friendship, football and a great ending, I can see this one flying off my shelf. Back of the net!

Great for fans of Dan Freedman, Tom Palmer, David Solomons, Match of the Day, Messi and Ronaldo.


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