The Crooked Sixpence by Jennifer Bell

Apparently, I’ve taken far too long to get this on my school bookshelf, but anything worthwhile is worth the wait as my Nan would have said.

When Granma Sylvie has an accident and ends up in hospital, Ivy and Seb find themselves returning to her home, alone, until their parents can get back. Upon their arrival, they notice the signs of a break-in and cautiously enter Granma’s house to assess the damage.

Only when they see a feather scrawl an eerie message on the wall and a horse drawn carriage pull up outside do they realise that they must get away. As things become more and more uncommon, Ivy and Seb must use all of their ingenuity to solve a long held family secret before time runs out…

A fantastical, addictive page turner. Ivy, Seb and the Uncommoners (whether friend or foe), are brought to life beautifully by Jennifer Bell, as you journey with them through suitcases to Lundinor, which is most definitely on my list of places to shop for a stocking filler or two.

I thoroughly enjoyed escaping with the Sparrows to the world beneath London, and look forward to their return in Spring.


Great for fans of Harry Potter, Lemony Snickett, The Spiderwick Chronicles, fantasy and glowing lemon juicers.


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