The Fox and The Ghost King by Michael Morpurgo

The foxes love football, and foxes in every part of the country support The Foxes; Leicester City Football Club. Win or lose, they love them, and all the food scraps left behind by the human fans.

When returning home from another defeat, across a car park that is being excavated, Dad and son fox hear a voice, a noble voice, that seems to be coming from underground. The voice makes them a promise, if they will dig a tunnel to him, so that he can be found by the archaeologists, he will make their dream come true…

With facts any football fan (especially Leicester City fans) will enjoy, and historical links to King Richard III and William Shakespeare, this is a lovely story of trust and believing that dreams can come true.

The newspaper excerpts and further information provided as background to the historical aspects of the story are a real bonus. Michael Foreman’s illustrations are beautiful, as always.

An utterly charming modern fairytale.


Great for fans of Michael Morpurgo, football and foxes.

Book provided by HarperCollins via ReadingZone in return for an honest review.



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