There May Be A Castle by Piers Torday

Mouse Mallory, his mum and two sisters leave their home on Christmas Eve to go to Granny and Gramps for Christmas. As the snow storm worsens, the roads become treacherous. A combination of black ice, sibling bickering and a momentary distraction mean they never arrive.

Mouse wakes up in a world that isn’t his own, cold, confused and covered in Christmas Cake, which is being licked off his face by Bar, the sheep. He is then joined by Nonky, who reminds him of his favourite toy and together they set off to find the castle. They meet Sir Dragnet and Trex on their journey, constantly aware that someone or something is after Mouse, and it’s gaining on them. As snippets of memories begin to resurface Mouse realises he must reach the castle first, there are three people he can’t quite remember who are depending on him.

One thing is made poignantly clear throughout; with imagination comes the courage and bravery to do the impossible.

A perfectly paced mix of magic, menace and adventure, this is one of the most hauntingly beautiful stories I’ve ever read. There may be a castle, there were definitely tears.


Great for fans of Not The End Of The World, A House Without Mirrors and A.F. Harold.


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