The Moonlight Statue by Holly Webb

Publication Date: 9th February 2017


When Polly and her Mum move to Cornwall, following her Dad’s death, she has never felt so sad. Her first view of Penhallow Hall lifts her spirits though as she realises how grand her new home is, and when she sees her new bedroom she is full of excitement for her new life by the sea.

With her beach bag packed, Polly explores the grounds waiting for Mum to have time to take her swimming, but Mum’s job is keeping her too busy. Loneliness sets in, and Polly wonders whether she will ever make any new friends. Then, one night she wakes on the Terrace in the middle of the night, and the statue feels soft and warm…

A beautifully told story of friendship and belonging, with an ending that leaves you wondering what happens next for Polly and her new friends.

Great for fans of Jenny Dale and Pippa Funnell.

Ebook proof courtesy of Stripes Publishing via Netgalley


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