Murder in Midwinter by Fleur Hitchcock

It was just a normal journey home when Maya takes a photo of the shop window display from the bus, when she realises that the couple she spots through the view finder aren’t having an ordinary argument. They look as though they want to kill each other, and the man has a gun.

When a body turns up, the police decide it’s not safe for Maya to stay in London. She needs to be somewhere safe and remote where the killer won’t find her. Her Aunty’s farm in the Welsh countryside is the perfect place to hide, especially when the snow starts, totally cutting the farm off. There can’t be anything to fear now, surely?

Packed with suspense from the start, this book contains everything you could want from a crime novel; tension that ramps up as the action keeps on coming, and a main character who is strong, clever and determined. Add in the rivalry between cousins, the city/country divide, and plenty of plot twists all woven together beautifully and you have a brilliant nail-biter of a book that has you on the edge of your seat.

I had to apologise to the first child who borrowed it; she read it in one night, instead of doing her homework, leading to a telling of from her Mum. Praise doesn’t come any higher than a child who just couldn’t put the book down.


Great for fans of Ruby Redford and The Sinclair Mysteries.

This is an honest review, but I must say thank you for my signed copy Fleur (won in a giveaway run by the lovely @bookloverJo), the beautiful card from Cleveland Pools, and bookmarks for my class.




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