The Devil’s Paintbox by Robin Jarvis

Months after saving Whitby, Verne is still trying to discover the secrets of the Nimius. When it whirs back to life in his hands, he knows he must tell his friends, Lil and Cherry Cerise. Together at Cherry’s house, the Nimius uncovers a set of paints hidden deep beneath Cherry’s hearth, and she can’t determine whether there is danger there. Verne tries to talk Lil out of using the paints, but a little in her journal, to record it’s colour next to it’s name can’t hurt, can it?

Scourge yellow is released over Whitby, a plague that is terrifyingly quick to take hold of the town. But the inscription in the box says, “A colour a day to brighten our play. But once begun can’t be undone, till all are gone and washed away,” and there are still five colours to go…

Little do the friends know, Mister Dark is back and is intent on destroying Whitby, and Lil, Verne and Cherry are the only people who can stop him.

Another nail biting, page turner from the master of supernatural horror for children this is the second in The Witching Legacy. Although it’s not necessary, I’d read The Power of Dark first.

Great for fans of Cogheart, Ned’s Circus of Marvels and The Dreamsnatcher Trilogy.

Bookshelf copy courtesy of Egmont.


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