Attack Of The Alien Dung by Gareth P. Jones

Publication Date: 9th February 2017


Bisket is looking forward to a pet-owner trip to the cinema, when a specially trained seagull taps on his window to deliver a message from Commander F. Reports are coming in of a Pooh.F.O. circle that’s appeared up at Clifftop Farm, and it’s up to the Pet Defenders to ensure that whatever has arrived on Earth, leaves again.

But defending the Earth is never simple, and soon there is an alien heading straight for Nothington-On-Sea, and Bisket is on the case, backed up by the NERDS and Forget-Me-Plop equipped seagulls. And, a new partner, which would be bad enough, but his new partner is Mitzy, a cat. What could possibly go wrong?

Men In Black meets Cats v Dogs in illustrated book form, with twice as many laughs. Gareth P. Jones has uncloaked the secret life of our pets in this fabulously funny book, the first in what I hope will be a long series. Steve May’s comic illustrations capture our undercover heroes and their unearthly enemies perfectly.

Although aimed at emerging readers, our Year 5’s loved it. For them, it’s a fast paced, funny easy read, that’s helped reengage reluctant readers.

Great for fans of Astrosaurs, Spydogs, Captain Underpants and Spynosaur.

ebook proof courtesy of Stripes Publishing via Netgalley.


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