Sea by Sarah Driver

Publication Date 9th April 2017 but available in Waterstones now!


Set to be The Huntress’s Captain one day, Mouse must look after her brother, Sparrow until their Dad returns. But all is not as it should be in Trianukka. The terrodylls should be nesting now, not attacking their ship, the ice is forming too fast and too early, a stranger has boarded the ship Mouse calls home instead of her Da, and he’s wearing her Da’s seal-skin cloak. And, what is wrong with Sparrow?

From the action-packed beginning, Sea never lets up it pace in this heart-thumping adventure, as we set out on an epic quest with the tenacious Mouse and her Tribe across a fantasy world to rival Narnia and Middle-Earth. This book swallowed me whole and didn’t spit me out until I’d turned the last page.

The first in The Huntress Saga, can’t wait for more!

Great for fans of The Dreamsnatcher, The Hobbit, Northern Lights, Narnia and The Last Wild.

ebook proof courtesy of Egmont Publishing via Netgalley.


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