The Stone Girl’s Story by Sarah Beth Durst


Cover jacket illustrated by Brandon Dorman

Mayka and her friends were carved many years ago by Father, a skilled Stonemason who moved to the solitude of the mountains many years before. Long since dead, time is slowly catching up with the forever 12 year old stone girl and the menagerie of stone creatures she lives with. With Turtle now still, and the carved marks telling the stories of who they are, that give them life, fading from herself and her friends, it’s time for Mayka to leave their mountain in search of a stonemason who can rejuvenate them.

It’s a long journey into the unknown, and Mayka has no way of knowing who or what she can trust. Grateful for Jacko and Risa’s company, and new friends found along the way to Skye, she quickly discovers the world she finds herself in is not the one she understands from the stories handed down by Father, and she must use her intelligence and ingenuity to save not only her friends, but all of the Stone creatures.

The Stone Girl’s Story is a charming adventure of self-discovery and the importance of stories past and those we are a part of. Mayka is fiercely loyal to her friends and steadfast on her path to save them, learning that we are each the authors of our own story along the way. Each of her stone friends have their own unique identity and story too, making the sum of them all so much more enchanting.

I loved that the same stories were told from different perspectives, showing how easily different people change narratives to fit with their beliefs. Sarah Beth Durst has created a world rich in depth and history, told with lyrical language and echoes of The Wizard Of Oz – it has the feel of a gently told classic.

Great for fans of Tin, The Girl Of Ink And Stars and Sea.

Huge thanks to Sarah for sending me a copy, it was very happy reading indeed!


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