The Pumpkin Project by Katie Smith

Lottie doesn’t like school, mainly because of the class bully, Penelope.

Home isn’t much fun either. Her Mum is always cross and Gramps just sits in his chair. She looks after them all, which often means she’s late for school, and she never gets any help with her homework. When the school project is announced, Lottie is determined to come up with a plan, and to her surprise, Gramps has an idea.

A scrumptious tale of determination and resilience, with a gentle humour and a huge heart. Tackling big issues for younger children – bullying, young carers, family break-up and illness – this is a fabulous read full of emotional intelligence and empathy, all wrapped up in a thoroughly entertaining story.


Huge thanks to Katie Smith for sending a signed copy for my bookshelf.


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