Jimmy Coates: Killer by Joe Craig

It’s just another normal evening for Jimmy Coates as he fights with his older sister, until a surge of strength passes through him, enabling him to beat her. Then, a knock at the door changes everything and he’s out on the streets, on his own, running from the suits who have taken his parents and wanted to take him too. With the help of his best friend, he finds somewhere safe to hide while he tries to work out why his whole world has been ripped apart.

But how does an 11 year old escape from grown ups who are much stronger, better equipped ad more organised than him? Where has his strength and speed come from? Can he control the instincts that take over whenever he’s in danger?

This adrenaline fuelled sci-fi is a gripping page turner from the start. Strong characters, plot twists and the perfect balance of action and suspense draw the reader into Joe Craig’s cleverly crafted world.


Great for fans of Boy X, The Inventory, Stormbreaker and Young Bond.

Huge thank you to Joe Craig for sending a signed copy for my bookshelf.



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