The Power of Dark by Robin Jarvis

Having read The Devil’s Paintbox, and wanting to put it on my bookshelf for children to borrow, I decided it just wouldn’t be right without the first book, which my son (he’s clearly after something) lovingly bought me for Mothers Day.

Whitby is long used to the supernatural, having been protected by the Whitby Witches for centuries. When a 400 year old feud is reignited after an unnaturally vicious storm, Cherry Cerise is convinced that there is nothing that can save her town from the Dark forces threatening its very existence. That is, until she sees the work of the Knitting Ninja, bringing vibrant colour to the dreary town.

Lil Wilson, doesn’t believe in magic, and is determined to rid herself of the gothic clothes and bedroom her parents have festooned on her since birth. Her best friend, Verne Thistlewood, is certain that there is some magic in the world, and when he finds a strange object clutched in a skeleton’s hand on the beach, he has no idea of the power at his disposal.

The two soon find themselves caught up in Scaur Annie and Melchior Pyke’s bitter fight, while Mister Dark watches Whitby’s imminent destruction, and Cherry does all she can to stop it…

A spellbinding page turner from Robin Jarvis, creating supernatural horror with terrifying ease, this is the first in The Witching Legacy.


Great for fans of Emma Carroll, Abi Elphinstone, Peter Bunzl.


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