The Elephant Thief by Jane Kerr

I’ve been waiting a few weeks to read this book. As soon as I got it home from Kenilworth Books, my son stole it – “It’s about an elephant mum, what did you expect?” I thought I’d get it back after a couple of days, but no. He loved it so much he lent it to a friend. High praise indeed! But finally, I got it back to start the Easter holidays with…


Boy has a job to do for the King of Cowgate, and he must not fail. Dropped into the auction grounds, and struggling to complete the task at hand, he is caught thieving and finds himself unwittingly bidding for an elephant at his captor’s request. Trapped between returning to the King having failed or continuing to do as his captor says, Boy has a decision to make; stay in the Edinburgh slums and face the King’s wrath, or take Mr Jameson up on his offer of what could be the adventure of a lifetime…

Based on the true story of Maharajah’s journey from Edinburgh to Manchester in 1872, The Elephant Thief is both a stunning adventure and a gripping mystery, where the plot twists keep coming until the end, this book is a joy to read. Captivating settings, a lead character who is as humble as his elephant is majestic, a true family of friends, and a veritable gallery of rogues had me hooked from start to finish.

I’ve found the summer term book for my After School Book Club; I’m sure they’ll love it as much as my son and I do. I’ll be placing a bulk order as soon as the holidays are over.


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