Tilly and the Time Machine by Adrian Edmondson

Publication Date: 4th May 2017


Seven and a half year old Tilly, is definitely not little, she’s average for her height. But that’s about the only thing about her that is average. She’s woken in the middle of the night by loud bangs and showers of sparks, and leaps out of her bedroom window into her Dad’s arms to discover he’s finally got his time machine working. Or so he thought…

When Tilly asks to go back to her 6th birthday, things don’t quite go to plan, but Dad promises to fix it. Come morning, Dad is nowhere to be seen, Tilly’s late for school and the only thing for breakfast is a packet of chocolate digestives. Well, what would you choose for breakfast if you were 7 ½!

Humour and heart propel this perfectly paced adventure through time, from the Armada to the 1966 World Cup, Victorian London and back to present day. Danny Noble’s quirky illustrations add an extra level of depth, warmth and humour to this delightful book.

Great for fans of adventure and mystery with a humorous sprinkling of time travel.


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