Beards From Outer Space by Gareth P Jones

Publication Date: 4th May 2017

Pet Defenders 2


We’re back in Nothington-On-Sea, and once again Earth is under attack, and the only hope lies with the Pet Defenders. Bisket is still struggling to work with his new partner, Mitzy, but there’s no time for bickering as the Beard King is intent on controlling Planet Earth and all living creatures on it.

Another riotous romp from Gareth P Jones, with hilarious illustrations from Steve May. Slapstick humour, a fast paced plot and plenty of Forget-Me-Plop make this such a fun series, can’t wait to add it to the school library.

Great for fans of Astrosaurs, Spydogs, Captain Underpants and Jeremy Strong.

Ebook proof courtesy of Stripes Publishing.


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